Prepared exclusively with Arabica coffee beans
Country: Puerto Rico

Grade: AA

Region: Puerto Rico,

Mark: Yauco Selecto AA

Processing: Wet-processed

Crop: March 2006 Arrival

Appearance: .2 d/300gr, 18+ screen

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica Intensity/Prime Attribute: Mild intensity /
Soft, balance Island coffee profile

Roast:  This coffee can take darker roasts and develops a good tangy
bittersweet roast flavor. It also makes interesting single estate

Compare to: Island coffee : Has the mellowness of other island coffees,
with more body and excellent soft, bittersweet flavors.
The coffee is prepared exclusively with
Arabica coffee beans from Hacienda San
pedro and Santa Ana in the high mountains
of Yauco. As these coffee beans are grown
at an altitude up to 3200 feet, people
consider Yauco Selecto as Porto Rico’s
finest coffee region.

Yauco is known for possessing the sweet
taste and chocolaty after tone. Grown on
the Southwestern Mountains of the island,
this ‘island’ coffee is known for its mild
flavor. The bean offers a full-bodied
experience with a creamy buttery taste
coupled with a brilliant aftertaste. The
coffee is best when roasted at a full city
level. The even roast of the beans ensures
same experience time after time.  
What makes Yauco Selecto coffee so
special is its thorough process and care to
its detailing. The coffee is first planted,
nurtured, grown, cultivated, processed and
then exported. Their careful monitoring and
selection of the coffee beans result in the
superior cup of coffee. Besides there are
several factors behind the Yauco Selecto
coffee cup qualities. Among them are the
high mountain grown character of Yauco
Selecto coffee which is the #10 Most
Expensive Coffee in the World.
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Café Yauco Selecto
10 oz. Can
$18.99 ea.

#10 Yauco Selecto AA Puerto Rico

Top 10 Coffees in the world  #10 Yauco Selecto Coffee from
Puerto Rico is considered one of the finest yet rare coffees
of Caribbean region that offers a full-bodied experience with
an arresting after taste. Being branded as Puerto Rico’s
finest specialty coffee, this true estate coffee worth $22 per
pound has an aroma of a chocolate stout, buttery and sweet
with a solid power punch.