Café Alto Grande
8.8 oz. Can
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The amazing part is that an Arabic tree is
only capable of producing about a pound of
coffee per year. The coffee beans are hand
picked by experts who know just when the
beans are at their most ripe point. The
coffee is highly guarded through every step
of the process to insure that you get the
premium coffee comes from a tradition of
quality that dates back over 250 years and
plays a key role In the areas economy and

Alto Grande Coffee has a unique light and
bright flavor and an unmistakably sweet
aroma. Alto Grande Coffee can be found in
elite resort hotels and fine restaurants
throughout the region. The Alto Grande
company offers a number of inviting recipes
for you to try like cupuccino, lemon and
orange flavors, chocolate amaretto, and a
special “dreamer” blend that features
brandy, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

You will find that Alto Grande Coffee is truly
one of the elite and premium coffee’s
available. For a special occasion or when
you really want to indulge in something
special, Alto Grande Coffee can offer a
unique and delightful fresh roasted coffee

Origins of the Alto Grande Hacienda!

The Hacienda Alto Grande High established
in 1839 in the Buenos Aires and Santa Isabel
sectors of Lares, Puerto Rico.

A farmer of 20 years of age

In 1887, Don Angel Agostini, a resident of
Puerto Rico, invented a machine to polish,
shine and save the Puerto Rican coffee. With
product in hand, Don Ángel went to Paris to
convince the French of the quality of your
machine, with which he won great fame in
the global trade.
One hundred three (103) years later, a Puerto
Rican family - the family Garrido - began to
develop new techniques to process the
coffee joint to the largest of those times in
Japan, Ueshima Coffee Company. That being
the time when it is born Alto Grande Super
Premium Coffee, one of the best coffees in
the world.

"The development of Alto Grande Super
Premium Coffee takes 8 days, while the other
only takes 2 coffees." Gevalia Kaffee
KaffeeGevalia, the largest company in the
world dedicated to the sale of coffee through
fine catalog, has found that the slow but
careful of Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee,
coffee produces the highest quality, intensity,
acidity and body. In turn, Mr. Willy Peterson,
who is the main taster Gevalia coffee, takes
about 30 years of experience as a taster of
fine coffees from around the world and a test
average of 200 samples of coffee daily also
believes the coffee Alto Grande is one of the
best coffees in the world.

Hacienda Alto Grande at present

The Hacienda Alto Grande is one of the oldest
coffee processing in Puerto Rico, located in
Lares, Puerto Rico. This is where we work is
the Super Premium Coffee is exported to
Japan, listed as the 3rd. country with the
highest consumption of coffee in the world.
The export of coffee from Puerto Rico to
Japan is only the beginning and can be seen
as a bridge to bring other products of the
highest quality in this country, at the same
time that works to attract tourists and
investors. The introduction of coffee in Japan
revived the glorious past of this product. He
reminded us that it was the favorite of the
Vatican for years and enjoyed high reputation
in many European countries. Furthermore, the
acceptance of our coffee in Japan certainly
has opened other doors for our coffee in
other countries.
... Thanks to Café Alto Grande for being our
Alto Grande Coffee, is a premium coffee from Puerto Rico.
It is considered to be one of the three best coffee’s in the
world. So what makes Alto Grande Coffee so flavorful and
considered the premium coffee of the region? It starts
with a variety of special shrubs known as Arabic. These
are very delicate shrubs that only grow in the high
mountains in humid and tropical climates.