Pernil de Cerdo al Horno (Roasted Pork Shoulder)

Servings 6-8

8 garlic cloves
8 black peppercorns (or assorted
2 teaspoons dried oregano
2 tablespoons corn oil
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 tablespoons salt
1 5-1/2 to 6 pound pork shoulder   

1 Combine the first 6 ingredients in a mortar and crush. Rub the meat well with this
"adobo." Let the meat rest for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator, or overnight if
2 Preheat the oven to 350 F. Bake the pork shoulder in a roasting pan for 3 to 3-1/2
hours, or until the skin is very crispy, turning it every hour.
Puerto Rican Recipes
Pernil de Cerdo al Horno (Roasted Pork Shoulder)